poet-artist and founder of The Poem-of-the-Month Club™

the letters "O" & "M" from the word romance

• The Poem-of-the-Month Club™, where poetry and art are 1
Members receive poemART by jai every month in a category of their choice: Gardens & Nature, Music & Other Arts, The Spiritual & the Lighthearted, or Children's.

• Poetry-Art Experiences for Groups including Creating Room-Poems

• Garden Poetry and Art—Commissions and Artist Book
jai delights in creating garden poetry and art. Her work envisions the essence or spirit of a garden during any season of the year. jai accepts commissions to visit public or private gardens and celebrate them in poetry and/or art. She also guides individuals in creating poetry and/or art about their own gardens. 12 of jai's garden/nature poemARTs have been gathered together in a limited-edition artist book that opens like a flower.

NEW! Tree's Song (for Jenni) - A Beautifully Illustrated Storybook for Nature Lovers of All Ages.

I hear doors—Artist Book & Traveling Exhibition

• A One-Woman Show of Poetry and Song by a Modern Troubadour

• Talks on Discovering and Expressing Yourself through Poetry and Art
jai gives interactive talks of varying lengths to fit the needs of the group.

• Poetry Workshops/Classes
jai teaches children and/or adults to create traditional poetry and poemART.

• Experiential and Scholarly Courses in Visual Poetry
jai teaches experiential and scholarly courses on the creation of visual poetry to college and pre-college students.

• Biography

• My Poetic/Artistic Journey & Statement

• Some of jai's poemART in text-only format (for your reading enjoyment).

• Peace Talk

"Waiting Time"

To inquire about the purchase of any of the art shown on this site, please e-mail jai.